Option 1: For family style catering
  • Each protein is $50-80 and serves 8-10 as a main dish.
  • Each vegetable/salad is $30-35 and serves 8-10 as a side dish.
  • Each starch is $20-35 and serves 8-10 as a side dish.
Option 2: For individual lunches
  • Each individually plated meal is $10-15.
  • Each additional individually plated side dish is $3-5.
  • Each dessert is $5-8.
  • For family style catering, we ask that orders are placed at least 36 hours in advance, with a $200 minimum. For individual meals, orders can be placed "on-demand" and we deliver in 60-90 minutes.
  • All dishes are free of gluten, dairy, canola oil, vegetable oil, and refined sugar.
  • All chicken is free-range, all beef is 100% grass-fed, and all seafood is sustainably-caught.
  • We offer options for low carb, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and autoimmune diets.